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Building Yard Software revolutionizes time and work management in Schwabmünchen

EineStadt - einfache Objektverwaltung und Verkehrssicherungspflicht erfüllt
Revolution for time and work management with EineStadt

When Hermann Müller looks out over the grounds of his building yard in Schwabmünchen, it is with a satisfied face. He has held the position of building yard manager for seven years now. And a lot has happened during this time. Not only has the number of employees risen continuously. "We have also gained qualified people. We have no shortage of skilled workers," reports the site manager proudly. "A lot has also been invested in the technical equipment of the building yard in recent years," says the 49-year-old proudly.

Building Yard Software for a modern municipality

At a time when efficiency and optimization are top priorities in all areas of work, the digitalization of operational processes in building yards is also increasingly coming into focus. A maintenance software for the building yard plays a central role in this, as it enables a modern, structured and efficient way of working. By networking information, resource planning and communication, work processes can be optimized, time saved and ultimately costs reduced.

Development of the Building Yard Software Solution EineStadt - practical use

Tree inspection is currently one of the main tasks - an area in which the building yard and city administration work hand in hand. While the actual inspection is the responsibility of the Parks Department, the building yard often takes care of the implementation of the measure - especially when there is imminent danger. And it was precisely this close cooperation that started the success story of EineStadt many years ago. In Schwabmünchen, the building yard program now manages the following classes of objects: 1,600 items of play equipment, 200 garbage cans, currently 5,279 mapped trees - number rising - and 1,000 street lamps.

NFC Technology: How the Software works for the Building Yard

How does the building yard program work? All relevant objects are equipped with a maintenance-free NFC chip by employees of the building yard. All the inspector has to do is log in and hold their cell phone up to the chip on the object. The most important basic data, such as the name of the manufacturer and information on the last inspection where no complaints were noted, immediately appears in the EineStadt NFC app. This wireless method of data transfer between two devices in close proximity - in this case between the chip and smartphone or tablet - is the namesake of the NFC chip, which stands for "Near Field Communication".

The inspector then examines the object to be checked with a trained eye and confirms the quick check on his smartphone.

Advantages of the Construction Yard Software

A comprehensive software solution for the building yard offers numerous advantages that can increase both the efficiency of work processes and employee satisfaction. The central recording and management of all relevant data saves a significant amount of time, as time-consuming manual entries and searching for information in paper-based documents are no longer necessary. The option of real-time updating and access from various end devices also enables a flexible and rapid response to unforeseen events.

In addition, a building yard software solution promotes the transparency and traceability of work processes and decisions, which not only provides clarity internally, but is also an advantage when dealing with citizens or other external bodies. The standardized recording of working hours, material consumption and machine use, for example in the EineStadt application as a winter service app, also contributes to improved resource planning and control. Last but not least, building yard software can help to relieve employees by automating recurring tasks, giving them more time for demanding and strategic activities.


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