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A city for fire protection objects 

Fire protection in buildings is safety-relevant and fire protection objects have top priority in maintenance and control. EineStadt enables the central administration of all objects relevant for fire protection and helps you to meet the requirements without any problems.

A look at the app

All of our forms are intuitive to use. In the simple and clearly structured input fields  properties can be recorded and the property control documented completely digitally. We adapt all input masks individually to your needs.

Brandschutz Objektverwaltung Blick in die App
Garantiert rechtssicher
Fulfilling traffic safety obligations - guaranteed to work in a legally compliant manner 

EineStadt's control software automatically creates forgery-proof proof of property control. As a security management system, EineStadt can prove exactly to the second when the inspector was at the property and what he documented. You can export and print your data at any time and thus prove compliance with traffic safety. 

Praktischer Offline Modus

Convenient offline mode - data and  Photos always with you

Do you work more and more in remote areas or do you have no network reception again in the basement? You can easily synchronize your property database with EineStadt on your device for offline use. This means that you can call up your data at any time and document maintenance work - even without an Internet connection. The synchronization then takes place completely automatically later, as soon as you have cellular network or WiFi again. * 

Verwaltung komplett digital
Management completely digital -
all data always with you

Whether on the go or in the office, the documentation, processing and analysis of your data is possible at any time and from anywhere with the EinStadt software. Since everyone involved uses the same data in real time, you minimize sources of error and optimize existing work processes.

Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your work processes with EineStadt property management and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

* Offline mode is still in beta.

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