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"A tree has to be as safe as a bridge. New EU regulations increase the requirements for tree control"  - One hears this sentence more and more often from the green and forest offices of the public administrations.  This is where EineStadt's control software comes into play. We simplify tree control through highly automated documentation and a digital tree register including a map.


In addition, external service providers can be seamlessly integrated into the system. So everything becomes cumbersome  Data exchange abolished. At the same time, we support compliance with traffic safety obligations with complete work documentation and integrated reminder functions. Municipalities, including inspectors and carers, are thus on the safe side. This is particularly important with trees on traffic routes. 

EineStadt  - Verkerssicherungspflicht erfüllen mit NFC-Chips
EineStadt - Verkerssicherungspflicht erfüllen mit NFC-Chips

Anbringen des NFC-Chips

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Baum mit EineStadt NFC-Chip inkl. Deckaufkleber.
Baum mit EineStadt NFC-Chip inkl. Deckaufkleber.

Unsere speziellen NFC-Chips für die Baumkontrolle halten jeder Temperatur und Witterung stand.

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Das Luftbild visualisiert Ihren Baumkataster.
Das Luftbild visualisiert Ihren Baumkataster.

Unser Kartentool birgt vielfältige Möglichkeiten um Ihren Baumbestand zu visualisieren - z.B. können Sie nach Vitalität filtern.

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EineStadt  - Verkerssicherungspflicht erfüllen mit NFC-Chips
EineStadt - Verkerssicherungspflicht erfüllen mit NFC-Chips

Anbringen des NFC-Chips

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Tree control (according to FLL standard)

The special NFC chips for screwing or nailing  for tree control withstand any temperature and weather. The inspector holds his tablet to the NFC chip and thus arrives directly at the input form for the correct tree. Attributes can be edited there and the property control documented completely digitally. By touching  The NFC chip proves that the inspector was actually at the object.

A look at the app

All of our forms are intuitive to use. In the simple and clearly structured input fields  properties can be recorded and the property control documented completely digitally. We adapt all input masks individually to your needs.

Garantiert rechtssicher
Fulfilling traffic safety obligations - guaranteed to work in a legally compliant manner 

EineStadt's control software automatically creates forgery-proof proof of property control. As a security management system, EineStadt can prove exactly to the second when the inspector was at the property and what he documented. You can export and print your data at any time  and thus prove compliance with traffic safety. 

Management completely digital -
all data always with you

Whether on the go or in the office, the documentation, processing and analysis of your data is possible at any time and from anywhere with the EinStadt software. Since everyone involved uses the same data in real time, you minimize sources of error and optimize existing work processes.

Verwaltung komplett digital
Kinderleichte Bedienung

Very easy operation -

intuitive user interfaces for easy use

All forms are clearly and simply structured so that you and your team can get started right away and without much explanation. EineStadt is optimized for pen input and is therefore easy to use even when wearing gloves. Or dictate your findings directly on site, no problem thanks to the integrated speech recognition. The EineStadt maintenance software can therefore be used perfectly on handy smartphones or tablets.

Mann in der Klage
Volker Keil
Building yard manager in the municipality of Wackersdorf
“The diversity of the system is excellent. We use it to manage our green areas, road damage and playgrounds, among other things. Now we are planning to use the system for winter service as well." 
Portrait eines älteren Mannes
Andre Gerdel
Head of the Hanseatic City of Havelberg
“With EineStadt we are digitizing the management of the playgrounds and the municipal tree register. The result is optimized and automated work processes.”
Portrait Mann
Heiko Kettel
Building yard manager in the community of Speichersdorf
"The training was easy for us. The system also runs at an excellent speed and we are very satisfied with the usability. In this way, work in the field can be documented quickly and reliably." 

A city in action

Find out more about how you can use EineStadt in practice and thus easily save time and money.

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