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Tree inspection software EineStadt

✔️ Reliable tree control according to guidelines 
✔️ Digital input forms, forms, logs & PDFs 
✔️ Digital, clear tree inspection in the software

✔️ Comply with traffic safety obligations thanks to the reminder function

Why a tree inspection software?

"A tree must be as safe as a bridge" or "New EU regulations increase the requirements for tree control" - such sentences are heard more and more often from the green and forestry departments of public administrations. No matter whether in public areas of the city, in the building yard or in the tree care company: This is where the tree register software from EineStadt comes into play. The tree software simplifies tree control through highly automated documentation and a digital tree register including map – and all in one maintenance software.

EineStadt manages all information and upcoming tasks for public trees in a decentralized manner. At the same time, the application ensures that work processes are completed up to five times faster and that guidelines are observed.

In the tree control app, each tree is recorded in the digital tree inspection and pinpointed on the integrated map. The NFC app uses a special NFC chip for screwing or nailing instead of a tree badge, which can withstand any temperature and weather. The inspector holds his tablet to the NFC tag and thus goes directly to the input form for the correct tree. There, the tree inspection can be completely digitally documented. Touching the NFC tag also proves that the inspector was really in site at the tree.

If tree plaques have already been used in the past, the numbering system can be continued identically with the NFC tags. Old badges can, but do not have to, be replaced with the NFC tag.

Anwendung baum gif

Advantages of the tree inespection software:
Finally take care of trees with legal certainty

The digital tree care with the EineStadt app is very easy. External service providers can seamlessly get integrated into the digital tree software. Thus, any cumbersome data exchange is abolished.


At the same time, thanks to complete work documentation and an integrated reminder function, it is easier to comply with public safety obligations. Municipalities, inspectors and carers are therefore on the safe side. This is particularly important for trees along traffic routes.


The tree control software EineStadt, as a security management system, can prove to the second exactly when employees were at the object and what they documented. You can export your data at any time after tree control as a log PDF according to guidelines, print out and thus prove compliance with the traffic safety obligation.

Tree control according to guidelines
with the tree inspection app

Simple & efficient tree care
thanks to digital management

Working with one clear tree inspection software is no longer comparable to working with paper and pen. Tasks can be completed up to five times faster and thus more effectively and efficiently. Deficiencies in the tree can simply be typed in on site, or simply recorded by voice input or with a photo.

All forms are clear and simply structured, so that you and your team can get started directly and without much explanation. The tree cadastre app EineStadt is optimized for pen input and is therefore easy to use even when wearing gloves. Even employees without much technical experience can work with the system quickly and easily right from the start.

A city in action

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Erfahren Sie in unseren spannenden Anwenderberichten mehr über die Baumkataster-Software EineStadt in der Praxis. 

Erfassung von Jungbäumen und flächigen Beständen – dank Baum-Sachverständiger Ingo Kessler jetzt in der Baumkataster-App EineStadt möglich.

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Digitize your tree control & tree care with the software from EineStadt

Tree management is just one of many applications of the object management software. The administration of playgrounds, streets or a completely different, individual topics is also possible with EineStadt. We adapt the system to your needs.

Digital trees also in your city:
Contact us to find out how you can finally manage your public trees or other objects efficiently with the EineStadt tree inspection software - and save time and money. We will be happy to explain to you in a short presentation or in a personal conversation how you can simplify processes with the digital tree software - for better processes and healthy trees in your city.  

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