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Building management with EineStadt

✔️ Digitize all caretaker activities

✔️ Mobile time recording in the caretaker app

✔️ Order management & defect reporting

✔️ Ideal software for caretakers

Janitorial software
Digitize all inspections in and around the building

A caretaker app that combines everything: Controlling fire alarms and ventilation, toilets and windows, the playground or the adjacent green spaces - caretakers are often responsible for a variety of work processes in and around the responsible property. The EineStadt maintenance software helps the caretaker service to digitize and thus simplify all tasks. Discover our software for caretakers and property management now, with which you can finally keep an eye on properties, employees and upcoming tasks.

Caretaker app in practice

Hausmeister kontrolliert mit der App

All control-relevant objects such as fire extinguishers, air conditioning systems, windows, or even play equipment etc. can be equipped with a suitable NFC chip for screwing, gluing, etc. The inspector holds his smartphone up to the NFC chip or opens the correct object by clicking on the card and thus goes directly to the individual, clear input form in the caretaker software. There the inspection is documented digitally and at the same time it is ensured that the inspector was actually at the property. If desired, visitors, citizens, students, etc. can also read the chip without downloading the NFC app in order to report problems with the objects using the defect report app.

Many functions in the software for caretakers: The entire caretaker management in just one application

With digital caretaker software like EineStadt, you can now keep an eye on all pending tasks in and around the property remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer. All of these areas can finally be managed in a legally secure manner in just one application:

  • A city as building management software: Here, heating systems, media technology and other items in public buildings, such as town halls or event halls, are equipped with NFC tags and ultimately managed digitally.

  • Ventilation systems and refrigeration systems can be checked using the chips and detailed maintenance protocols. EineStadt is already being used for several thousand objects in a factory hall of a leading automobile company in Bremen in order to maintain the ventilation systems and refrigeration systems with the system.

  • Fire protection objects such as fire alarms, fire doors or fire extinguishers must be checked and maintained regularly. Fire protection is also an important specialization at EineStadt

  • Toilets need to be cleaned, windows need to be checked and tools need to be maintained. Users want to report wear and damage. With the app for caretakers, all objects can be managed digitally. If you want to manage a property type that we don't yet offer, we will develop it!

  • Electricity, gas and water meters can be read using the caretaker app and tracked in EineStadt, for example to record the new readings and show differences between storage processes.

  • Caretakers also use the software to maintain elevators and to document the care of green and mowed areas: In EineStadt, areas are simply drawn on a digital map, and the area is then automatically calculated in the background. In the app, all work on an area can now be documented in a “checkbook-maintained” manner. ​

  • Playgrounds, play equipment and trees in EineStadt are also checked up to five times faster than with paper and pen thanks to the clear digital cadastre - and caretakers also save time if they cover these expenses.

  • Schools use the caretaker app for annual blackboard checks. Instead of a seal that shows when the last inspection was, a chip is attached in which everything is stored digitally.

  • The management of the car fleet is also possible with the fleet management software. ​ Winter service or cleaning of traffic routes can be documented automatically


EineStadt – one software for all janitorial services!

Advantages of janitorial software

EineStadt is an app for caretakers, service providers and the entire city or municipality, which has numerous advantages in many areas:

  • Working times can be recorded very easily in the system. With the caretaker app, handwritten timesheets never have to be evaluated again.

  • With a "floor slider" you can "fly" through the floors of a building and display building plans in addition to the control-relevant objects.

  • Upcoming orders can be awarded directly via the system - even to external companies. Reading the chips on site always ensures that employees and companies were actually at the property. If necessary, reports can even be saved as PDF or printed out.

  • Attaching the chips is guaranteed to be uncomplicated and happens, for example, during a routine check. All objects can then be opened easily and without confusion by touching the chip with a smartphone or tablet. ​

  • “Technically inexperienced” employees get along very well with the clear system.

  • Legal protection, which is provided by a complete history, also plays an increasingly important role. Details such as a reminder function for upcoming checks make such a system irreplaceable and prevent upcoming maintenance from being missed.

  • Last but not least, an often crucial point in times of Corona, home office and co.: With the caretaker software EineStadt, decentralized management of pending tasks is possible at any time from anywhere.

Digital caretaker service – Digitize the service using caretaker software

EineStadt is ideal as an app for service providers such as tree care companies or as playground control software for playground control companies, but also ideal as software for caretakers.


If you also want to digitize and simplify your service - no matter in which area - or the controls in your municipality: don't hesitate to contact us. Together we will develop a solution for exactly your problem and your area of ​​application. We will be happy to explain our app to you in detail and answer all your questions. We are happy to hear from them!

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