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Cemetery management with EineStadt

✔️ Digitalize the stability test of the gravestones

✔️ Digital cemetery cadastre & grave finder

✔️ Digital cemetery software

Digital cemetery management

The maintenance of cemeteries is complex and proper cemetery management involves numerous tasks. The EineStadt maintenance software helps you to digitize and therefore simplify all work processes relating to cemetery management.


Discover our software for digital cemetery management now, which is up to five times faster than using paper and pen thanks to clear input forms in the app on your smartphone. With cemetery software, cities and municipalities can save time, nerves and money in all routine tasks relating to the cemetery.

Cemetery management software in practice

Tombstone digitization: Tombstone maintenance and stability testing of tombstones is carried out as before - with pure muscle power or with testing devices. The documentation of the gravestone maintenance then takes place in the NFC app. Onto each grave, a robust tags gets mounted, for example, to the back of the gravestone with facade adhesive or with screws.


The inspector holds his smartphone up to the NFC tag and gets referred straight to the input form for the regarding asset. There the inspection gets captured digitally and at the same time it is ensured that the inspector was actually at the property. Visitors can also read the NFC tag and, for example, see information about honorary graves via the cemetery software and report problems.

Digital cemetery management:
Numerous useful functions in just one application

With digital cemetery software like EineStadt, you can now keep an eye on your urban cemetery decentrally via smartphone, tablet or computer. ​


All data of the deceased or the responsible persons can get captured on the PC or smartphone. If a usage period expires, the program will remind you.

The inspector can view digital cemetery plans on his maintenance tour and only has to briefly touch the optional NFC tag on the grave with his smartphone - the correct input form opens.


New data, defects or measures can be recorded here. A green tick confirms the action taken if the stability check or gardening work has just been carried out.


In the background, the system automatically recognizes which gravestone it was. In this way, employees work their way through grave by grave and document their work quickly and easily - without complicated maps or tables.

​If a defect is detected, the chip is also touched - you can now click on “Findings” and the findings can be documented using text or voice input. The office staff receives the data in real time on the PC, can initiate further measures and involve either another employee or an external company. The work of the cemetery gardening can also be controlled via the EineStadt cemetery management software.

A clear cemetery plan on the digital map with graves marked in color lets employees know exactly where tasks are still outstanding.


In this way, full maintenance and care of gravesites can take place easily and efficiently. And of course the property management software can be used for numerous other areas. No matter whether it's about the public trees in your cemetery, the trash cans or even the digital building management in your city - with the software for municipalities you can digitize your entire city if necessary.

The advantages of digital cemetery management & gravestone maintenance

Digital cemetery management with proven NFC technology brings numerous advantages for cities and municipalities as well as for cemetery employees:


  • Maintenance and care of gravesites can be carried out paper-free and much faster

  • External companies such as cemetery gardening companies are seamlessly integrated into the app

  • If necessary, control reports can be exported and printed.​​

  • With the help of the grave finder, employees can locate graves quickly and reliably.

And cemetery visitors also benefit:

  • You can read the NFC tag without downloading an app, for example to obtain information about the grave.

  • With the defect reporter software, walkers can even report defects or problems at the grave by reading the EineStadt NFC tags.

  • Grave owners can, for example, send a care order to the cemetery gardener.

Other important facts:

The NFC tag can get easily mounted during a routine check - and is then able to withstand wind and weather.

Such a marking is already included in many cemetery regulations and is declared there as a “number plaque”.

The maintenance app is understandable and intuitive – even for cemetery inspectors without their own smartphone.

Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your work processes with EineStadt property management and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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