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Winter service app: Digital documentation with EineStadt

✔️ Winter service software for planning operations and orders

✔️ Reliable winter service documentation: Automatic GPS route recording

✔️ Guaranteed legal security: Obligation to provide evidence is secured and can be called up at any time

✔️ Snow clearing app for municipalities & companies on behalf

Winter service app – reliably ensure safe roads in slippery conditions, ice & snow

As soon as the first snow falls or roads become a "danger zone" due to the first slippery conditions, the "Removal and gritting obligation" becomes top priority in a city. The building yard, city administration and winter service providers are obliged to guarantee traffic safety in the cold season - and to do this, reliably remove snow and ice from the traffic routes. Numerous municipal administrations in Germany already rely on one for efficient and legally compliant digital app for winter service.


In the EineStadt maintenance software for the winter will seamlessly and fully automatically recorded which vehicles are where and when. If property damage or personal injury actually occurs on the road, the route documentation be forwarded at any time. This reduces the risk of liability drastically.

Winter service software in practice: This is how the app works

Winterdienst auf dem Tablet

Work often starts early for the winter service – and the system adapts as well: At midnight a responsible employee gets already assigned automatically the order for a first control drive. If the employee determines during the lookout that the winter service is required, this order is also created automatically. The winter service app reminds employees always by message to the operations.

Arrived in the emergency vehicle, smartphone or tablet only get fixed in the holder and be turned on. The employee logs in, opens the card and presses "Play“.

While driving, he now always sees his own location through a blue dot on the map. A red line describes the route to be taken. After visiting the road, it turns yellow, then green. The red "record symbol" in the winter service app pulsates throughout the recording.

Document special facts

During the journey the user can document special facts or problems in the digital winter service application:


Deficiencies can get captured quickly with a hand or pen, by voice input or with a photo. The affected road section is marked accordingly on the map.


The new deficiency may get directly forwarded to other employees or external companies to eliminate it.

Umgestürzter Baum während dem Winterdienst

Plan orders with the software for winter service

Winterdienst Planung im Kalender

The EineStadt winter service app finally brings an overview to the planning and organization of the orders and ensures the ideal route optimization. In a calendar the trips for the next few days and weeks can be viewed clearly. New orders can get planned digitally and assigned to another employee in the case of absence or illness. Tour number, license plate number and other details can be entered individually for each order.

For additional overview the route network can get divided into zones and get assigned to individual employees. The routes can get marked with pins of different colors - these disappear as soon as the users were on site. Last but not least can be set if the employee used salt, grit or brine on his journey.

Legally compliant winter service: documentation, templates & evaluation in EineStadt

After the ride the winter service app reliably evaluates data: The customer always receives a message as to whether all routes have been covered. The cleared routes are visible on the map and can be forwarded as PDFs for individual reports - including photos of special facts or problems along the route.


Sliders can be used to select when the evidence should be displayed based on the driver. This evaluation can be exported in tabular form as Excel or PDF. If necessary, it can be determined exactly how much grit, brine and road salt were consumed per year. Synchronisation to external order and billing systems are already in use.

PC Display mit Auswertung in Karte

Advantages of the winter service app

Winterdienst Dokumentation der Handräumung

Whether for your city or municipality, the building yard or the external winter service provider: The EineStadt software ensures traffic safety on the roads in winter and offers numerous other advantages:​

  • Not only in the vehicle, but also during the hand clearance tracking is possible. To document the winter service, it is sufficient to use the device only to carry.

  • The tracking works offline too, over long distances.

  • Unlimited vehicles can be on duty concurrently with the system.

  • “Technically inexperienced” employees can easily use the system.

  • Privacy: Exact timestamps are hidden for data security reasons, but can be approved by the manufacturer if required.

  • Details like alerting for upcoming operations make the system irreplaceable and prevent the winter service from missing out.

  • An advantage in times of Corona, home office and Co.: With the winter service app EineStadt a decentralized management of pending tasks is possible at any time from anywhere.

Incidentally, EineStadt of course is also be ideal as street cleaning app or street control app used to record deficiencies and problems.

A city in action

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Erfahren Sie in unseren spannenden Anwenderberichten mehr über den digitalen Winterdienst von EineStadt in der Praxis. 

Winterdienst-App EineStadt in Wackersdorf im Einsatz – eine Success Story!

Jetzt reinlesen!

EineStadt: App for winter service - soon in your city

For the digital winter service a current road network from the local surveyor's office is necessary. In Bavaria, this is the "State Office for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying". Depending on the contract between the municipality and the state office, the road network is free of charge. If not, usually only a small amount is due for the purchase of the road network. This will then be integrated into the app by EineStadt and can then be used for tracking.


Now all your employees need is a tablet or smartphone with Android or iOS, a holder for the windscreen – and the license from EineStadt. The digital winter service can begin now.


If we have aroused your interest, simply contact us. Together we will work out a solution for exactly your area of application. We explain our software to you in detail in a presentation and answer all your questions.

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