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Digital mapping of protected species

✔️ Modern, fast documentation
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Why species mapping software?

The "EineStadt" app is a helpful digital solution for cities, municipalities, districts, but also companies, who have to carry out tasks with protected animal species. The app enables a simple, fast and precise acquisition of beaver dam, crow nests, bat nest boxes and other shelters for protected species.

Species mapping within the framework of the Federal Nature Protection

The app provides a clear documentation of the animal shelters and can be precisely located thanks to GPS data. A point can be captured for each animal shelter in an integrated, digital map.


Input fields can then be filled, such as the type of shelter and their number, the environment in which the shelter is located and public safety can get evaluated.

Problems also can get captured.

The app is very user-friendly and allows you to attach photos and suggest measures. For example, it can suggest whether a dam should be removed or lowered. Working with the app is even easier thanks to the option of displaying officitally protected areas or biotopes on the map.

blick in die app

Advantages of digital species mapping software

Once all the necessary data has been captured, the software can be used quickly and unbureaucraticallyfor sending a message to the nature protection office. Responisbles from the office can view all information and images in the app or on the computer and quickly decide whether the proposed measure should be carried out or whether a new recommended measure should be captured digitally.

As soon as a measure got approved, the process can be continued directly in the digital application: “I simply set a pin into the map for the construction yard or the climber who is supposed to do the work," says a user of the app. If the measure has been carried out successfully, the pin is simply removed again. This closes the circle of tasks.

geschützte art Biber

Document animal and plant species digitally

The "EineStadt" app thus offers a complete solution for capturing and processing of measures of protected animal and plant species.


The digital capruting and documentation significantly reduces the bureaucratic effort.

Input forms can be customized.


The app helps to prevent damage to infrastructure and preserve protected animal species.

A city in action

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Are you considering digital managing of protected species in your city?

Just contact us – we will explain in a short presentation or in a personal conversation about how you can simplify your species documentation with our software - for better processes in your city. 


Incidentally, with EineStadt, of course you can not just capture protected species, but also many other types of application.


We look forward to your inquiry!

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