All functions of  EineStadt at a glance

Would you like to digitize your work processes? With EineStadt you can do everything completely digitally and you can also access your data offline.  Are you afraid of new technology? EineStadt is intuitive and easy to understand for everyone.  Is your work area very complex? No problem, we adapt the software from EineStadt individually to your needs. 

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Management completely digital -
all data always with you

Whether on the go or in the office, the documentation, processing and analysis of your data is possible at any time and from anywhere with the EinStadt software. Since everyone involved uses the same data in real time, you minimize sources of error and optimize existing work processes.

Fulfilling traffic safety obligations - guaranteed to work in a legally compliant manner 

EineStadt's control software automatically creates forgery-proof proof of property control. A city can be used as a  Security management system to prove exactly to the second when the inspector was at the object and what he documented. You can export and print your data at any time and thus prove compliance with traffic safety. 

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Massgeschneidert fuer Ihre Beduerfnisse

Tailored to your needs - individual maintenance, control and  maintenance

The property management software from EineStadt is very flexible and tailored to your needs. We adapt the input masks and forms to yours  Needs or develop a completely individualized application for your property class.

Very easy operation -

intuitive user interfaces for easy use

All forms are clearly and simply structured so that you and your team can get started right away and without much explanation. EineStadt is optimized for pen input and is therefore easy to use even when wearing gloves. Or dictate your findings directly on site, no problem thanks to the integrated speech recognition. The EineStadt maintenance software can therefore be used perfectly on handy smartphones or tablets.

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Make everyday work easier - use modern NFC tags instead of analog number plates

The weatherproof NFC chips can be attached to all kinds of objects - from trees to street lights to sewer shafts and many more. The employee of the municipality or city can also attach the NFC chips spontaneously during the inspection and write them very easily using the EineStadt app. Later, the inspector only has to hold his tablet or mobile phone to the NFC chip and is taken directly to the appropriate input form for the object. There he can edit the property's attributes and document the property control and maintenance completely digitally.

Buergermeldesystem von EineStadt
Buergermeldesystem von EineStadt

Efficient citizen participation system -
Benefit directly from citizen 

With the help of the NFC chips attached to the objects, citizens can contact the administration at any time. Without having to download an app, a form opens in the mobile phone browser via which damage and problems can be easily reported. The messages are then displayed on a card and answered via a ticket system. After the damage has been successfully removed, the citizen automatically receives a response. More information about the citizen registration system of EineStadt can be found here.  More information about NFC chips can be found here. 

EineStadt in action

Find out more about how you can use EineStadt in practice and thus easily save time and money.

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