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Advantages of digital asset management

Komplett Digital

A solution like EineStadt, with which you digitize analog data, manage documents and notes digitally - in short: digitize work processes - offers many advantages. The digitization of public administration and public objects, i.e. digital city management, takes every city and municipality one step further towards the future.


But the digitalization of data and processes in companies is now essential and makes work more effective and efficient. The future is called “digital administration”!

​Advantages through digital management and maintenance
Digital administration – with a solution like EineStadt:

✔️ Management completely digital – all data always in your pocket

✔️ Fulfill safety obligations – work legally compliant

✔️ Digital solution tailored to your needs

✔️ Easy to use – intuitive user interface

✔️ Proven digital system – many possibilities


Administration completely digital - all data always in your pocket

Regardless of whether you are working from home, on the road or in the office: digital work processes such as digital documentation, processing and analysis of your data are possible at any time and from anywhere with a digital management system like EineStadt. Since everyone involved uses the same data in real time, you minimize sources of error and optimize existing work processes.

Fulfilling traffic safety obligations - guaranteed to work in a legally compliant manner 

EineStadt's control software automatically creates forgery-proof proof of property control. A city can be used as a  Security management system to prove exactly to the second when the inspector was at the object and what he documented. You can export and print your data at any time and thus prove compliance with traffic safety. 

Verkehrssicherungspflicht erfüllen
Individuelle Anpassung

Digital solution individually tailored to your needs

Massgeschneidert fuer Ihre Beduerfnisse

The asset management software from EineStadt is very flexible and tailored to your needs. We adapt the input masks and forms to yours needs or develop a completely individualized application for your asset class.

Easy to use - intuitive user interface

All forms are clearly and simply structured so that you and your team can get started right away and without much explanation. EineStadt is optimized for pen input and is therefore easy to use even when wearing gloves. Or dictate your findings directly on site, no problem thanks to the integrated speech recognition.


The EineStadt maintenance software can therefore be used perfectly on smartphones or tablets.

Kinderleichte Bedienung
Leichte Bedienung

Proven digital system - many possibilities

An interesting possibility that digital administration with EineStadt offers thanks to near-field communication is the system's function as a defect reporting app. With the help of NFC tags, employees or citizens of a city have the opportunity to contact the administration at any time if there are problems or defects in the property.


Without having to download an app, a form opens in the mobile phone browser, the messages are then displayed on a map and answered via a ticket system. After the defect has been successfully eliminated, the citizen automatically receives feedback.

Buergermeldesystem von EineStadt

With the help of the NFC tags mounted on the assets, citizens can contact the administration at any time. Without having to download an app, a form opens in the mobile phone browser via which damage and problems can be easily reported. The messages are then displayed on a card and answered via a ticket system. After the damage has been successfully removed, the citizen automatically receives a response. More information about the citizen registration system of EineStadt can be found here.  More information about NFC tags can be found here

Digital administration & maintenance in Germany
and around the world with EineStadt

Do you finally want to manage your company, your business or your city and municipality digitally and discover all the advantages and possibilities of digitalization?


We would be happy to tell you how you can use the EineStadt software to digitize your work processes and design them effectively and efficiently - to save time and money. Call us, write us an email or contact us directly using the form!

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