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Construction site app: Digital construction documentation
with the software EineStadt

 Manage all phases of construction documentation digitally via app
 Better communication between everyone involved in the construction diary app
 Overview of the existing construction plans in the digital map

Digital documentation of the construction site -
with a modern construction site app

In the modern construction industry efficiency, transparency and communication are crucial factors in completing projects successfully and on time. With increasing digitalization, the way construction projects are managed has changed drastically.  

The EineStadt Maintenance Software plays a key role in that context: it revolutionizes construction site documentation, by bringing together all relevant data and information in a digital format that is easily accessible, editable and shareable. With innovative construction documentation software, cities and construction companies can finally manage their projects more smoothly, maintain a digital overview and optimize the exchange of information between everyone involved. 

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Construction documentation software for modern municipalities:
Fiber optic expansion

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The construction site documentation software EineStadt, is an ideal tool for managing and coordinating modern fiber optic expansion projects. It permits to manage and document the entire process digitally - from the initial planning phase through the construction phase to the final inspection and approval.  

All information about cable locations and alternative routes, including photos and screenshots from the site plan, are saved bundled in the construction site app.


The executing company can access all relevant information directly via EineStadt, including the traffic regulations from the public order office, which are also stored via the application. If there are any deviations from the plan, this will be documented digitally immediately. After the work has been completed, a note can be entered in the construction documentation software that the construction work was successfully completed.


The fiber optic expansion in the Lechfeld communities in Bavaria is an example of how the EineStadt app is used to... To increase the quality and speed of the expansion of modern infrastructure. EineStadt also proves how a city administration can work more efficiently and effectively through the use of technology. 

Construction documentation app for roads, drinkging water, wastewater etc.

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Not just in fiber optic expansion, but also in numerous other large and small projects construction sites in all areas of the city EineStadt is used for simple and quick documentation on the construction site.

For example, in drinking water network the installation of network objects such as main valves or hydrants are digitally documented with daily reports and photos. Also the repair of pipes is part of it and is archived quickly and easily. The digital drinking water map can be used with our water application.

Likewise, in sewerage the installation of e.g. shafts or street entrances can get easily documented. Photos, construction diary and signature the standard features offered.


The new sewerage data is available via the sewage application.

Also an data synchronisation to GIS and other programs (DMS) is possible. Get individual advice from our side.

Time tracking & photo documentation in the construction site app:
Features of EineStadt

The construction site app EineStadt is a helpful tool for digitally managing and coordinating the diverse tasks of an urban construction site.


With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the construction diary app is the ideal platform for managing all the data and offers numerous useful functions and features:

Feature for citizens: They can always see the current status of the expansion on website of each municipality, where the interactive EineStadt map is embedded. The region's residents can independently find out when and where construction sites are happening - even on their own doorstep

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Bautagebuch an einer Baustelle
  • Time tracking: Efficient working time management is the backbone of every construction project. In EineStadt, employees can record their working hours directly on the construction site. This not only simplifies tracking and billing, but also resource planning

  • Photo documentation: Visual recordings are essential for easily documenting the progress of a project and identifying any problems. EineStadt offers an integrated photo documentation function that allows users to take, categorize and add notes to photos directly in the app. 

  • Daily reports (digital construction diary) with PDF export 

  • Simply add documents files

  • Default large text fields for the individual report / construction diary in the app 

  • Recording of services, machines, devices, materials and tools that got used 

  • List view of projects and daily reports 

  • Easily assign employees or teams to construction sites 

  • Digital signatures

Digital construction documentation: Advantages for your construction site

As digital construction site documentation app, EineStadt can be used not only in fiber optic expansion, in the water and wastewater network or in civil engineering:


We can use the construction diary software for your own ideas and adapt it to your construction site. Every detail of the process – from project planning to the actual execution of the construction work – gets recorded, documented and monitored simply and efficiently.

Regardless of the application example, you benefit from all the advantages:  

  • The EineStadt construction documentation template enables significant time savings, as time-consuming manual tasks and confusing paperwork are finally eliminated. 

  • With its ability to provide all relevant information in real time, the construction site documentation app can significantly facilitate coordination between the various actors. And that means: better coordination, an effective workflow and better overall quality and speed of the processes. 

  • Digital, transparent and coherent communication enables easy traceability, control and overview of the construction progress. This contributes significantly to the smooth execution of the project. 

  • No matter whether on the construction site on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer in the office: Access to the application is easy and possible from anywhere. 

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EineStadt - The best app for construction sites and other assets
in your city

Nowadays, mobility and digital solutions are indispensable in almost every industry. For a city's construction sector, this represents a special opportunity to make the administration and monitoring of construction projects such as fiber optic expansion more efficient and transparent. This is exactly where EineStadt comes to the fore and presents itself as the ultimate app for construction sites and more branches of the asset management software in your city. 

Whether it's about tracking the progress of a construction project, public trees or check playgrounds or to retrieve relevant information for a specific building in the city: EineStadt is the all-round package for communities. The integration of state-of-the-art technologies enables users to access data in real time and make decisions that can positively influence the construction process. 

So if you are looking for a comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly solution for your construction projects and urban objects, EineStadt is your best choice. Welcome to the future of urban construction management! 

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