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Buergermeldesystem von EineStadt

The defect report system from  EineStadt

✔️  Citizen participation with smartphones
✔️  Easily report deficiencies
✔️  No app download necessary

This is how the defect report system works

The NFC tags from  EineStadt can be mounted onto all kinds of objects in public space. After opening the system has been published to the people and somebody discovers a problem, he can touch the NFC tag attached to the object with his smartphone. The pre-installed mobile phone browser opens immediately. No app download is necessary. For example, full trash cans, defective street lamps or broken play equipment can be reported very easily. At any time of the day or night and without having to ask the right contact person.

The city administration or the service provider then receives a message from the ticket system and sees directly on the map where the deficiency is.  After the deficiency has been successfully repaired, the citizen automatically receives a response - for example "lamp repaired". 

The city of Schwabmünchen uses the app to eliminate citizen concerns

einfache bedienung

Your  Citizen ...

  • ... is able to problems day and night  

  • ... can send messages  directly to the  right contact person  

  • ... gets attention from tha municipality  

  • ... receives  automatically feedback as soon as the deficiency got repaired  

  • ... can get additional information about the retrieved object, for example, the tree species 

Your municipality / company ...  
  • ... receives all messages in a clear ticket system

  • ... sees the location of the defective object very practically on a map  

  • ... can make clever use of the citizens' potential  

  • ... has no extra effort, as the feedback is automatic  

  • ... ensures the quality of the public space 

The advantages of a defect reporter app:
A win-win situation 

The citizen registration system in practice 

Buergermeldesystem fuer Spielplaetze

Is the slide, swing or climbing frame broken? With the citizen registration system from EineStadt, citizens can easily report defective playground equipment to the city or municipality. Damage and problems can be repaired more quickly and the safety of the playground can be guaranteed. Overall, this guarantees the quality of the public space.

Buergermeldesystem fuer Strassenbeleuchtung
Street lighting 

Citizens can use the reporting system  simply help prevent accidents and break-ins. If a street lamp in the neighborhood is broken, you can easily report it using your smartphone. As soon as the lantern is repaired, the citizen automatically receives feedback. A win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Buergermeldesystem fuer Muelleimer und Hundestationen
Trash cans & dog stations 

Full rubbish bins and not properly disposed of dog bags pollute the cityscape. EineStadt offers a Smart City solution for waste management companies and municipalities for this problem. With the citizen registration system, residents can easily report full trash cans or missing bags.

Save time and money with EineStadt 

Contact us to find out how you can use the EineStad asset management system and how to be able to optimize your work processes and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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