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Building management with EineStadt

✔️ Software für digitales Gebäudemanagement 
✔️ Software für alle Objekte im Facility Management

✔️ Gebäudemanagement, Auftragsmanagement & Mängelmelder 

Digital building management software

Effective building management reduces operating costs and contributes to sustainably maintaining the value of systems and buildings.

Regardless of whether it is the building itself, the inventory, supply and disposal or even the individual desk: the EineStadt building management system can be used in all possible areas of digital facility management.

The EineStadt maintenance software simplifies building management through highly automated documentation and a digital building infrastructure including a map. The support of facility management through a computer program is also known in technical language as “Computer-Aided Facility Management” (CAFM).

The EineStadt CAFM app decentrally manages all information and pending tasks on fire protection objects, refrigeration systems, heating systems, etc. At the same time, thanks to digitalization in your company, the maintenance planner enables work processes on the object to be completed faster, more effectively and more efficiently.

Main applications of the EineStadt building management software

✔️ Fire protection objects: The control and maintenance of objects that provide reliable fire protection is a top priority.

✔️ Refrigeration systems | Ventilation systems | Heating systems: Main focus on many buildings – regular checks ensure that there is no damage or failure.

✔️ Toilets | Sink | Showers | Windows | Media technology | Tools | Technical gases | Blackboards...: With EineStadt inventory management software you have all the objects in your building under control.

Digital building management with building management software in practice

No matter whether heating, toilet or fire protection: A specially developed NFC tag gets glued or screwed on each object. It gets touched with the smartphone or tablet, which opens the database entry of the regarding object to be checked in the building management software. Now the inspection or maintenance can be documented digitally.

Benefits of a building management software for fire protection & building services

  • Digital property management with a fitting system not only makes work easier and more pleasant. By opening the data record via NFC tag, the inspector is also independent of GPS or a complicated map. It can also be proven that the employee was actually at the property.

  • All orders, e.g. a leak test, can be created, processed and acknowledged for both internal and external partners in the building services app.

  • The management of property data is clear and easy thanks to digital building management. Data can also be easily recorded using voice input.

  • Thanks to simple forms, everyone can quickly learn the processes and use the building management software without any problems.

  • EineStadt also works as a defect reporter: Problems on different assets in the company or in large facilities can get easily reported and documented with the help of the building management software.

  • Clear map: The status of the objects is displayed in different colors, e.g. red if the inventory is damaged.

Digitalize plumbing, heating and building services with the building management software from EineStadt

Digital facility management: With the building management software, complete documentation is possible thanks to automated history. The practical NFC tags can get mounted on all assets in your company or in public spaces. Of course, this also makes it possible to manage other fields such as trees or the local cemetery - and EineStadt even works ideally as janitor software.

Have we piqued your interest? Contact us to find out more about the technology for your business premises. We will be happy to explain the system to you in more detail in a clear online presentation and together we will find a solution for your exact needs. We look forward to your inquiry!

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