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NFC tags  make your day-to-day work easier

✔️  Immediately open the correct object
✔️  Maintenance-free - no battery required 
✔️  Allows  “App-free” citizen participation


This is how NFC tags are working 

The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is used, for example, for contactless payment by credit card or smartphone, as well as in numerous ticket systems in public spaces. The weatherproof NFC tags can be mounted onto all kinds of objects - from trees to street lights to sewer shafts and many more.  When writing, a unique number is stored on the NFC tag. The employee of the municipality or city can also mount the NFC tagsspontaneously during the inspection and write them very easily using the EineStadt app.  


Later, the inspector only has to hold his tablet or mobile phone to the NFC tag and is getting forwarded directly to the appropriate input form for the object. There he can edit the property's attributes and document the property control and maintenance completely digitally.  


This saves time to search for the property in confusing tables or map sections.  

By the way, if the NFC tag is no longer in the right place, the EineStadt software will inform you. Provided that the location data is activated on the end device. 

Wie EineStadt die NFC-Technologie nutzt - einfach erklärt

Involving easily the citizens of your municipality 

If you want, the citizen participation system can easily be activated for certain applications. Citizens can then easily use the chips with their smartphone without having to download an app. For example, full trash cans, defective street lamps or broken play equipment can be reported very easily. And that at any time of the day or night and without having to ask the right contact person.  


The citizen receives only limited information about the object, for example which tree species it is, while the employee can see all the data through the login function. 

NFC-Chips in der Praxis mit der App EineStadt

The special NFC tags for screwing or gluing for playground insprction can withstand any temperature and weather. The inspector holds his tablet to the NFC tag and is getting forwarded directly to the input form for the correct object. Attributes can be edited there and it is legally proven that the inspector was actually at the object. 

How NFC tags make your everyday life easier 

Replace your analog number plates with modern NFC tags and benefit from the following advantages: 

✔️  Easy handling

No number has to be entered and the objects do not have to be searched for in a map or list  

✔️  No risk of confusion

Since each object has its own tag with an identification number, there is no risk of confusion  

✔️  Proof of work integrated automatically

As soon as the tag gets touched with the smartphone, later can be proven that the employee was actually on site  


✔️  Seamless integration of external service providers

Since only one system is used, this prevents an object from being assigned different numbers and reduces sources of error ​

✔️  Maintenance-free

The practical NFC tags do not need a battery and therefore do not have to be serviced regularly


✔️  Individual design

You can have the tags individually printed and thus help your community to be more visible in public spaces


✔️  Easy retrofitting

Should an NFC tag be damaged or missing, a new chip can simply be loaded with the existing identification number  

✔️  Long outdoor durability

The special NFC tags have a shelf life of 10+ years and withstand solar radiation, temperature and weather ​

Mit der NFC-App EineStadt Mängel melden & Bürger der Kommune einbinden

Wenn gewünscht, kann die NFC-Software EineStadt die Nahfunkkommunikation ideal einsetzen, um als Mängelmelder zu fungieren. In einer Stadt funktioniert das Bürgermeldesystem ganz einfach und unproblematisch: Bürger können die NFC-Chips mit ihrem Smartphone auslesen, ohne eine App herunterladen zu müssen. So können zum Beispiel volle Mülleimer, defekte Straßenlaternen oder kaputte Spielgeräte ganz einfach gemeldet werden. Und das zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit und ohne sich zum richtigen Ansprechpartner durchfragen zu müssen.


Welche Möglichkeiten eine NFC-App als Mängelmelder noch bietet, wie das Bürgermeldesystem im Detail funktioniert und wie Sie die Vorteile einer solchen App endlich selbst in Ihrem Unternehmen oder Ihrer Gemeinde nutzen, lesen Sie bei uns. Kontaktieren Sie uns jederzeit gerne!

Save time and money with EineStadt 

Contact us to find out how you can use the EineStadt asset management  and to be able to optimize your work processes and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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