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Wastewater management with EineStadt

Shaft maintenance

Sewage treatment plants are faced with the challenge of managing and maintaining a large number of different objects. The object management solution EineStadt fully supports sewage treatment plants and offers a fast and efficient solution that includes all objects relevant for the sewage treatment plant such as shafts, SSK, pumping stations, structures and  Inlets. 

A look at the app

All of our forms are intuitive to use. In the simple and clearly structured input fields  properties can be recorded and the property control documented completely digitally. We adapt all input masks individually to your needs.

Digitize tasks in the wastewater sector

Have your data with you at all times. Either you draw your lines and pipes on the map yourself, or you transfer the data live from your GIS to the app via WMS/WMTS/WFS.

The drainage systems are shown in different colors according to dirty water, mixed water, rainwater and through pressure pipes.

Orders such as cleaning can be displayed using pins on the map and set to “Done”.

Evidence such as photos can also be stored automatically with a GPS stamp.

At the end of a tour, thanks to GPS or NFC tags, it can be proven which shafts and other points have actually been completed. This means that the client AND the contractor are on the safe side.

Karte mit Abwassernetz auf Tablet

Electronic help through NFC tags

To make things a little easier for those using the system, NFC tags can optionally be used.


The special NFC tags for the wastewater sector can be attached directly to the shaft using an impact dowel or a wire rope. The inspector holds his tablet up to the NFC tag and goes straight to the input form for the correct object. Defects and measures can be recorded there. The NFC chip can ensure that employees were on site and opened the shaft cover.

Services such as repairs or cleaning can be confirmed with a single click.

Digital management of the wastewater network

A digital map allows you to see from your PC at any time which shafts have already been checked and maintained. There are still tasks to be completed where pins are shown.

Tasks can be planned in a practical calendar tool. Recurring tasks such as controls can be repeated at fixed time intervals. Employees are reminded of the control via the app.

New shafts, other points, lines and pressure pipes can be drawn on the map at any time. Both in the app and on the PC.

PC Display mit Karte

A city in action

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Ein spannender Anwenderbericht über die Abwasser-Software EineStadt in der Praxis. 

Schwabmünchen macht's vor – und verwaltet mittlerweile über 3600 Kanalschächte mit der App, sowie Wasser-Systemtrenner, Wasser-Zählerschächte, Wasser-Hauptschieber und Hausanschlussschieber.

Jetzt reinlesen!

Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your work processes with EineStadt property management and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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