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Trash cans and dog stations with EineStadt

✔️ Digital trash can – for digital waste management

✔️ Digital, clear input forms

✔️ Waste management software prevents full dog stations

✔️ Interactive residents: Report full trash cans via the app

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What is a digital trash can - and what is it good for?

Trash cans and dog stations are essential for public spaces. Unfortunately, the garbage or the full dog bags often end up in the bushes next to it or in front of the garbage cans when they are full. To avoid this, EineStadt offers a simple solution for municipalities and waste management companies.

With the citizen defect report system, residents can easily find full containers or report missing bags. Thanks to the messages, you can optimize the emptying cycle and save time and money.

Digital software for waste management in practice

Robust, highly developed and yet inexpensive NFC tags get mounted on trash cans and dog stations and ultimately withstand all weather conditions. This means that every asset is clearly captured in the software. A city employee holds a smartphone or tablet up to the NFC tag and can immediately confirm that it has been emptied or cleaned. He can also commission employees to take further measures. ​

​Why the “Digital Trash Can” shouldn’t be missing in your city

With digital trash can software like EineStadt, you can now manage public assets decentrally via smartphone, tablet or computer. Orders for cleaning and emptying can be planned in a practical calendar tool and created for employees on a recurring basis. Whether in the office or on an inspection trip through the city: City employees always keep an eye on the maintenance of trash cans and dog toilets and can quickly document emptying.

Since the control software can also function as a defect reporter if desired, walkers and residents can also report problems online via the browser on their smartphone, such as a full dog station - and all without downloading an app. This means full buckets can be emptied quickly or bags can be refilled. And of course the asset management software can be used for many other fields. No matter whether it's the playground next to it or the public trees in your community - with the app you can digitize not only trash cans and dog toilets, but also your entire city if necessary.

The advantages of digital municipal waste management

You don't yet know the advantages of digital administration? After a short training period, the step towards digitalization can make work processes at your construction yard much easier:

  • The activities around trash cans, dog toilets and all other assets are documented up to five times faster than with paper and pen: Data is typed on site directly into the EineStadt system or even simply captured by voice or photo.

  • External companies get seamlessly integrated into the app: This means that upcoming work can be passed on and processed directly and without errors. All from a single source!

  • The app is understandable and intuitive – even for newbies to technology. Thanks to simple forms and self-explanatory technology, everyone can quickly learn the ropes and use the dog toilet software without any problems.

  • Uniform documentation, checklists & PDFs: If necessary, these can also be exported and printed. This way you can make sure that the inspector was actually at the property.

Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your work processes with EineStadt property management and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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