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EineStadt Team

The corporate team behind the app

There is of course not just “one person” behind our successful “EineStadt” system. Rather, our team consists of two strong founders who complement each other wonderfully in their expertise, a great team of developers and the female creative influence that should not be missing in any company. We are sure: only together are we strong - also as a company.

Michael Lodes, Sebastian Seitz and many more:

EineStadt founders Sebastian and Michael bring a wide range of knowledge from “two different worlds” with them and form the foundation by bringing their respective strengths to the startup. A successful combination:

Sebastian Seitz is responsible for the commercial areas: Finance, Sales and Business Coordinator. His knowledge comes from his “Economics” bachelor, which he received with distinction in London, as well as from the master's program “Information-Oriented Business Administration” at the University of Augsburg. But also jobs at “Microsoft Germany” in marketing, at “MAN” and then at “Fujitsu Technology Solutions” as a project manager on the management team are important milestones when it comes to the experience that Sebastian brings to the team today.

Michael Lodes is responsible for product development of the EineStadt system . His specialist knowledge comes not least from his bachelor's studies in "Geoinformatics" at the University of Augsburg. During this time Michael gained extensive experience in IT quality assurance at Hexagon AG. He also worked as a programmer at the German Aerospace Center ("DLR"). Most recently, he worked for a few years as a geodata manager at the city administration of Schwabmünchen. Now he is passionately putting all his heart and soul into his own project EineStadt.

The trained journalist Steffi Fiedler has been enriching the EineStadt team since 2021. She writes texts for the website, for the press or the newsletter, takes care of marketing and PR and supports in all creative tasks.

Another expert takes care of the EineStadt website: Leonie scores with her technical expertise, well-founded SEO experience and creative implementation.

The two EineStadt founders are supported by a competent front and back-end development team that - in line with the New Work approach - works completely remotely.

Our business adress in Augsburg, Werner-Haas-Str. 8:

How the project EineStadt came about

Sebastian Seitz and Michael Lodes discuss in the sauna:

Sebastian Seitz und Michael Lodes

The best ideas come from the ... sauna! The idea for EineStadt was born in 2015 in a sweat bath, heatedly discussed by Michael and Sebastian and implemented shortly afterwards.


In his work as a geodata manager, Michael recognized that municipalities have a lot of catching up to do in day- to-day business when it comes to digitization, automation and networking. The foundation stone for an app for property management was laid.

In the beginning there was a problem that seemed to be omnipresent in many cities: When it came to identifying public trees quickly and correctly, this task was always a major challenge despite the mobile GIS and badges. Service providers who wanted to carry out tree pruning or similar measures, for example, always had to be accompanied by a city employee.

From this need to identify trees in a time-saving and uncomplicated way , the idea of the system for the management of these "objects" emerged. From this starting point, the founding team started designing the app - and quickly came across the topic of “NFC” as a suitable technology. The company has grown steadily ever since. A large number of other applications have been added and the customer base has quickly grown into the mid-double-digit range: Everything is included, from small communities to municipal utilities, large cities and entire state authorities.

The two founders Michael and Sebastian have had a deep friendship since school. Trust in the other and in their expertise in their respective fields has grown steadily since the project was founded. The familiar, eye-to-eye collaboration now runs through the entire team - an outstanding corporate culture that is reflected in the outstanding product.

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