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Water management with EineStadt

The water supply is the alpha and omega of our daily life. The maintenance of hydrants, for example, plays an important role here. Rescue in case of fire  they even live. In order to simplify the control of the hydrants, EineStadt offers special NFC magnetic chips that are attached to the street cap. This is short once every time a waterproof smartphone is used on the telescopic pole  touched. The rest is done by the EineStadt property management software in the background: "Hans Meyer was at the hydrant no. 567 on January 21, 2020 at 12:32 pm and did a flush".


The hydrant sign is missing or  if the rinsing water is dirty, this can also be recorded directly when the chip is scanned.  Manage hydrants, meters, gate valves, shafts, flaps, house connections, water levels and many more easily with the EineStadt software. Very uncomplicated and completely digital.

EineStadt Wasser
EineStadt Wasser

NFC-Chip in Hydrant

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EineStadt Wasser
EineStadt Wasser

Auslesen des NFC-Chip

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EineStadt Wasser
EineStadt Wasser

Darstellung der Hydranten in Karte

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EineStadt Wasser
EineStadt Wasser

NFC-Chip in Hydrant

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Hydrant maintenance

The waterproof NFC chips for the water supply can easily be attached to the hydrant. Either glued, by magnet or as a special construction site chip. The inspector holds his tablet to the NFC chip and is taken directly to the input form for the correct object. Attributes can be edited there and it is ensured that the inspector was really at the object. 

A look at the app

All of our forms are intuitive to use. In the simple and clearly structured input fields  properties can be recorded and the property control documented completely digitally. We adapt all input masks individually to your needs.

Abwasser Blick in die App
Garantiert Verkehrssicherungspflicht erfuellen
Fulfilling traffic safety obligations - guaranteed to work in a legally compliant manner 

EineStadt's control software automatically creates forgery-proof proof of property control. A city can be used as a  Security management system to prove exactly to the second when the inspector was at the object and what he documented. You can export and print your data at any time and thus prove compliance with traffic safety. 

Tailored to your needs - individual maintenance, control and  maintenance

The property management software from EineStadt is very flexible and tailored to your needs. We adapt the input masks and forms to yours  Needs or develop a completely individualized application for your property class.

Individuelle Wartungssoftware
Verwaltung komplett digital
Management completely digital -
all data always with you

Whether on the go or in the office, the documentation, processing and analysis of your data is possible at any time and from anywhere with the EinStadt software. Since everyone involved uses the same data in real time, you minimize sources of error and optimize existing work processes.

Mann in der Klage
Volker Keil
Building yard manager in the municipality of Wackersdorf
“The diversity of the system is excellent. We use it to manage our green areas, road damage and playgrounds, among other things. Now we are planning to use the system for winter service as well." 
Portrait eines älteren Mannes
Andre Gerdel
Head of the Hanseatic City of Havelberg
“With EineStadt we are digitizing the management of the playgrounds and the municipal tree register. The result is optimized and automated work processes.”
Portrait Mann
Heiko Kettel
Building yard manager in the community of Speichersdorf
"The training was easy for us. The system also runs at an excellent speed and we are very satisfied with the usability. In this way, work in the field can be documented quickly and reliably." 

A city in action

Find out more about how you can use EineStadt in practice and thus easily save time and money.

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Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your work processes with EineStadt property management and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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