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Fleet management with EineStadt

✔️ Digitale Fahrzeugprüfung
✔️ Einträge über das digitale Fahrtenbuch
✔️ Erinnerung an Untersuchungen und Wartungen

Digital management of the vehicle fleet

The vehicle fleet of a municipality includes a large number of different vehicles - from cars to trucks. Managing all of these vehicles efficiently and in compliance with the law is a great challenge that one city simply masters. Every vehicle receives an NFC tag , which is used to document and account for all uses, maintenance and other work. All data on vehicle use and maintenance can be called up anywhere at any time and the building yard manager always has an overview.

Vehicle inspection via app

Open a vehicle's data record via the app. Carry out the vehicle inspection completely digitally.

The test reports can be individually designed with our editor. You can design checkboxes, date fields, text and number fields as you wish.

Let the system remind you in good time about the next check or maintenance, so you will never miss an important appointment again.

Using our order management, testing and maintenance can be assigned to various internal and external employees - they will be notified of new orders.

To open a vehicle's data record, this can be done either via a table or via an NFC tag attached to the vehicle. By touching the chip, for example, a new entry can be made in the logbook of the respective vehicle.

Fahrzeugprüfung auf dem Smartphone

Keep track of the vehicle fleet

Digitale Fahrzeugliste

Whether you manage 10 or 8,000 vehicles: the vehicles can be clearly listed in a table.

The table can be sorted and filtered individually.

The table quickly shows which vehicles are due for inspection or repair.

Create individual filters - e.g. to display all vehicles that begin with the letter "A" in the license plate.

You can use the table to tap and open a vehicle, for example to carry out an inspection, document maintenance work, create a new entry in the logbook, or change the master data of a vehicle.

If you have opened a vehicle, you can also view its history over its entire life cycle - when were tests carried out, when were repairs made and how many journeys were recorded.

Always up-to-date data on your vehicles

Of course, you can also edit the master data of a vehicle. Either when you create a new vehicle or when you want to revise an existing vehicle.

The input form for the vehicles is completely customizable.

Send us an Excel file with your existing vehicles. We will import the file including all vehicles and their master data. These can be further processed 1:1 in the app.

Our input forms are very easy for employees to understand and fill out quickly. Selection lists can be populated in advance, giving the user a framework for the data that can be entered.

Every new data entry, whether master data or a test, automatically creates a history entry for the respective vehicle and is still visible years and decades later.

Fahrzeug Datenerfassung auf dem Smartphone

Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your work processes with EineStadt property management and thus save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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