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EineStadt -

Asset management system for municipalities and companies

✔️  Document maintenance completely digital 
✔️  Easy operation 
✔️  Tailored to your needs

EineStadt Objektverwaltung Software Screenshot

One software for your branch

The property management software "EineStadt" documents all maintenance completely digital and guaranteed legally secure. Optimize your work processes - no matter what industry you are in. We are happy to adapt EineStadt to completely new property classes and your field of business.

Objektverwaltung Software fuer Kommunen
Local government

Trees, playgrounds,  

trash cans, dog toilets, street lighting, cemetery management, vehicle fleet management, traffic signs

Objektverwaltung Software fuer Gebauede
Building management

Fire protection objects, refrigeration systems, heating systems, toilets, windows, interchangeable workstations, electronic systems, tools

Objektverwaltung Software fuer Dienstleister
Service providers

Caretaker service,

Playground inspectors,

Arborists and many more.  We are happy to adapt EineStadt flexibly to your service. 

Die Instandhaltungssoftware von EineStadt macht Kontrolle und Wartung der unterschiedlichsten Objekte und Branchen komplett digital und garantiert rechtssicher. So können Sie Ihre Arbeitsprozesse optimieren – egal, in welchem Bereich Sie tätig sind. Wir passen EineStadt gerne auch an komplett neue Objektklassen an.

Objektverwaltung fuer Wasser und Abwassermanagement

 Hydrants, meters, gate valves, manholes, flaps, house connections  and many more.

Wasser_Abwasser 1920.png

 Shafts, SSK, downpipes, water inlet, structures, pump houses and many more. 

Special solutions

 Property management, hospitals and many more. 

A short product showcase

Bauhofleiter Hr. Keil Portrait.JPG
Volker Keil
Building yard manager in the municipality of Wackersdorf
“The diversity of the system is excellent. We use it to manage our mowing areas, road damages and playgrounds, among other things. We are now planning to use the system for winter service as well.” 
Portrait eines älteren Mannes
Andre Gerdel
Head of the Hanseatic City of Havelberg
“With EineStadt we are digitizing the management of the playgrounds and the municipal tree register. The result is optimized and automated work processes.”
Portrait Mann
Heiko Kettel
Building yard manager in the community of Speichersdorf
"The training was easy for us. The system also runs at an excellent speed and we are very satisfied with the usability. In this way, work in the field can be documented quickly and reliably.” 

Functions of EineStadt

Would you like to digitize your work processes? With EineStadt you can work completely digital and also acess your data online. Are you afraid of new technology? The operation of EineStadt is intuitive and easy to understand for everyone. Is your work area very complex? No problem, we will tailor EineStadt  individually to your needs. 

rechtssicher png.png

Maintenance completely digital & guaranteed legally secure


Maintenance-free NFC tags


Tailored to your needs

The future of asset management: NFC tags

Simplified operation
Integrated proof of work
Seamless integration of external service providers
No risk of confusion

A city in action

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Save time and money with EineStadt

Contact us to find out how you can optimize processes with EineStadt  property management.  Optimize your work processes and save time and money. Simplified processes, everything digital and no more manual typing - your team will thank you. 

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