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Maintenance Software for Communities, Authorities & Companies

✔️  Digital maintenance and servicing
✔️  Legally secure thanks to maintenance software 
✔️  Easy operation of the maintenance app

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Maintenance software for your business

Maintenance software is a computer application that enables digital documentation of inspection, maintenance and servicing and even reminds you of maintenance and inspection dates. A maintenance app supports you and your team in digitally listing and managing all objects and keeping track of control, maintenance and other processes.

Objektverwaltung Software Kommunen
Local government

Trees, playgrounds, green areas, 

garbage cans, dog toilets, cemetery management, winter service, road control, etc. 

Objektverwaltung Software Gebauede
Building management

Fire protection objects, refrigeration systems, heating systems, toilets, windows, alternating workplaces, electronic systems, tools, etc. 

Objektverwaltung Software Dienstleister
Service providers

Maintenance of green areas, 
playground control, 
winter service and a lot more. We are happy to flexibly adapt EineStadt to your needs. 

The maintenance software of EineStadt completely digitizes the inspection and maintenance of a wide variety of objects and businesses and guarantees legal compliance. This allows you to optimize your work processes – no matter what kind of work area  you are operating in. We are also happy to adapt the software for communities to completely new object classes. 

Objektverwaltung Wasser Abwassermanagement
Drinking water

Hydrants, meters, gate valves, drains, flaps, house connections and many more


Drains, cleaning of sewer shafts, rainwater downpipes, water inlets, structures, pump houses and many more. 

Special solutions

Property management, hospitals and many more 

A short product showcase

Maintenance software EineStadt explained in simple terms 

Bauhofleiter Hr. Keil
Volker Keil
Building yard manager of the community of Wackersdorf (Bavaria)
"The diversity of the system is excellent. Among other things, we use it to manage our green areas, road damage and playgrounds. Recently, we have also been using EineStadt for winter road maintenance." 
Portrait eines älteren Mannes
Andre Gerdel
Head of the Administration of the Hanseatic City of Havelberg (Saxony-Anhalt) 
"Using the facilities of EineStadt, we are able to digitize the maintenance of playgrounds and the municipal tree register resulting in optimizing and automating work processes. 

Benefits of a maintenance app

✔️ At last you are able to digitize work processes: Using the maintenance manager EineStadt, you can document all upcoming inspections completely digitally and in a legally compliant manner. You can also access your data on the way and have test reports exported as PDFs.
✔️ Feel at ease with the new technology: Easy handling of robust NFC tags: The operation of EineStadt is intuitive and easy to understand for everyone.
✔️ Is your area of operations very complex? No problem, we adapt your maintenance app individually to your needs. So you won't miss any more inspection dates.


Maintenance completely digital & guaranteed legally secure


Maintenance-free NFC tags


Tailored to your needs

Simple, uncomplicated, reliable. Maintenance software with NFC tags 

nfc app
Simplified operation
Verification of work integrated 
Complete integration of external service providers 
No risk of confusion

Maintenance app for you and your team: Saves time, money and doesn’t annoy you 

A step towards digitalization: You would like to digitize and optimize your work processes with the EineStadt maintenance app for Android and iOS and thus save time and money? No more paperwork, no more manual typing, but simple and fast processes – your team will appreciate it. Contact us to find out how you to use the maintenance software individually to meet your needs.

We are looking  forward to your inquiry! 

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