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Digital management of objects in the water network: EineStadt makes it possible

A reliable water supply is the key of our daily lives. Fresh, clean drinking water from the tap is taken for granted. However, in order to guarantee this on a permanent basis, local suppliers are called upon to work around the clock.

Water management is one of the most important public tasks. For waterworks, municipal authorities and the like, however, there is a great deal of organization, control and maintenance behind the smooth running of an entire city's water supply.

Wassermanagement mit EineStadt

Water management with EineStadt

This is exactly where EineStadt comes in. The maintenance software offers the opportunity to optimize and digitalize work processes related to water management. With the help of the ultra-modern app, the maintenance of properties is completely digital and guaranteed to be legally compliant. The system uses the principle of "near field communication" for this purpose. All data is stored in the system via a chip attached to the property and can then be accessed and processed from anywhere. And the best thing is that this modern step towards digitization is neither unaffordable nor cumbersome or even technically complex.

How exactly does the system work?

NFC chips specially developed for digital water management are attached to all objects and can then be read by any smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is hold the mobile device close enough to the chip. In the case of hydrants, for example, a waterproof chip is attached to the street cap.

During an inspection, the inspector then holds their cell phone up to the NFC chip and the hydrant data, such as the year of construction, is immediately displayed in the app. The current status can then be recorded in an intuitive input form by ticking the appropriate box or upcoming tasks can be assigned directly. Any defects can be recorded directly on site using photos. It also ensures that the inspector was actually at the property, as lids or flaps first have to be opened in order to read the NFC chip.

You can find all the information about the technology and benefits behind the NFC app here!

Water management with EineStadt in practice

Hydrants, meters, gate valves, manholes, flaps, house connections and many other objects can be chipped and managed using the app. The respective object is briefly touched once with a waterproof smartphone on the telescopic rod during the inspection.

EineStadt does the rest in the background: "Sabine Müller was at hydrant no. 123 on 01.03.2024 at 12:32 and flushed it".

The system not only helps to maintain the network objects; it also uses reminder functions to ensure that regular checks are carried out and that water levels and groundwater levels, for example, are documented.

In an emergency, the fire department can also find hydrants more quickly on the digital map - this detail may be crucial in the event of a fire.

Other functions and the mapping of wells, taps or vent valves, for example, are also conceivable. The app can be expanded as required!

What are the advantages of water management with EineStadt?

  • From the outset, great importance was attached to ensuring that employees without extensive technical experience can also work with the system. The app is designed to be intuitive and simple; complicated maps or confusing lists are finally a thing of the past with the move towards digitalization.

  • Any defects and faults on objects can be documented on site simply by voice input or with a photo. Regardless of whether it is a meter or a gate valve: in the EineStadt system, every object can be digitally recorded, including its position and height, and can later be precisely located on the integrated digital map.

  • Pending orders can be assigned directly via the system - even to external users. Reading the chips on site always ensures that employees and companies were actually at the property. If, for example, an order is placed to clean the local manholes, it can be determined exactly whether the cleaning company has already visited all the manholes. And if required, reports can even be saved as PDFs or printed out.

  • Processes are greatly simplified in the long term and legal protection, which is provided by a complete history, is also playing an increasingly important role. Details such as a reminder function for upcoming inspections make such a system irreplaceable and prevent upcoming maintenance from being missed.

The town of Schwabmünchen and many other towns in Germany are already leading the way - and are delighted with the modern work processes.

" really puts an end to the paperwork" says Thomas Bernert, who has been using EineStadt for public work in "his town" for five years now.

Digitalization is our future - also in water management.

Find out more about the water management app here!

Have we sparked your interest in the benefits of digital management?


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