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Manage objects in the wastewater network digitally - simple & legally compliant with EineStadt

The small Bavarian town of Schwabmünchen is a major pioneer when it comes to managing its wastewater network properties: back in 2017, the town launched a digitalization project together with its waterworks and sewage treatment plant.

Data collection, maintenance, servicing, documentation - simply all the work that takes place around the properties concerned was meant to be digitalized, making it more modern, simple and guaranteed to be legally compliant.

Abwasser Management

Wastewater management in Schwabmünchen with EineStadt

Schwabmünchen uses a simple idea: instead of numbered badges, robust NFC chips are attached to the objects. When an employee touches the chip with their cell phone, properties or measures for the property can be called up immediately. The whole idea is based on the EineStadt maintenance software, which enables data to be networked and managed as an app on any device. To date, the town of Schwabmünchen already controls around 3,650 manholes using the app.

How exactly does the administration work with the system?

EineStadt offers a holistic solution for the digital management of properties in municipalities and other areas. In principle, the NFC app can be individually adapted to any situation. By specializing in urban wastewater management, the system has become even more attractive in recent years. EineStadt can be used here as an independent management tool, but can also be used as a supplement to existing systems, such as a GIS for the field service. Data exchange is straightforward via an interface and existing background maps can be easily integrated into the system.

From the outset, great importance was attached to ensuring that employees without extensive technical experience can also work with the software. By simply touching the chip with any smartphone or tablet, they can now view the property data immediately and process it seamlessly and legally securely by documenting their activities.

Defects and faults can be easily documented on site by voice or with a photo. A measure is then simply created and either an employee or an external company is commissioned to rectify the defect. Once this has been done, feedback can be given directly via the app. The current status can be planned and checked on a clear map on the computer in the office. The entire workflow is therefore digitally mapped in one system.

Digital wastewater management with EineStadt in practice

Manholes, road gullies, rainwater downpipes, water inlets, structures, pumping stations and numerous other objects can be managed chipped or unchipped via EineStadt.

The system supports the maintenance of manholes and connection points in all drainage systems and allows photos and inspection videos from handheld cameras or professional camera inspections to be stored.

The documentation of the various work steps in particular can be easily and seamlessly ensured: The monitoring of meters and the regular entry of all values from pumps and jet aerators, power consumption and flow rate must be carried out regularly in pumping stations. The system also digitally documents problems such as rat infestation, defective risers or manhole channels or the simple absence of buckets or dirt traps.

Advantages of digital wastewater management

  • Processes are greatly simplified in the long term and legal protection, which is provided by a complete history, is also playing an increasingly important role.

  • Opening via NFC chip makes it possible to identify every object without confusion.

  • Data can be recorded and processed easily and consistently without having to manage confusing tables.

  • Signatures can be added digitally and orders can be distributed and processed in real time from anywhere.

  • Details such as a reminder function for upcoming inspections make such a system irreplaceable and prevent upcoming maintenance from being missed.

  • Pending jobs can be assigned directly via the system - even to external users.

  • Reading the chips on site always ensures that employees and companies have actually been at the property. If, for example, an order is placed to clean the local manholes, it can be determined exactly whether the cleaning company has already visited all the manholes. And if required, reports can be saved as PDFs or printed out.

The town of Schwabmünchen is leading the way and is delighted. Other local authorities and companies are already using the system and have chipped several tens of thousands of properties, including water system separators, water meter shafts, water main valves and house connection valves.

The future lies in digital management - and the possibilities are endless!

Find out more about the wastewater management app here!

Have we sparked your interest in the benefits of digital management?


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