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Broadband expansion with fiber optics: VG Lechfeld masters this task digitally

The Bavarian administrative community of Lechfeld has recently embarked on an ambitious project: the nationwide expansion of a future-proof fiber optic network. This ambitious project involves overcoming a wide range of challenges that require precise planning, seamless coordination and careful data management.

In the midst of this complexity, the EineStadt maintenance software has proven to be an indispensable tool that not only simplifies the process, but also increases transparency and efficiency. Digital fiber optic network expansion in Lechfeld - a success story!

Christian Dobrindt nutzt die Anwengung am PC
Christian Dobrindt uses EineStadt for planning fiber optic expansion on the PC

Planning & managing fiber optic expansion: A major challenge

Begutachtung der Baustelle rund um die Glasfaserkabel

The implementation of a fiber optic expansion in the Lechfeld communities is a complex task and requires coordinated cooperation between various parties. With Telekom as the main player, a contractor planning the construction and connections, and these Bavarian municipalities as the supervisory body, the project dynamics are multifaceted.

In addition, the municipal administration decided to carry out the fiber optic expansion in the traditional way and lay fiber optic cables deeper instead of using the less complicated trenching method, which only requires a narrow cut in the street. This approach enables a more long-term and stable infrastructure, but also involves complexities in terms of coordination and implementation.

A key to the success of this project is Christian Dobrindt, engineer and employee of the Lechfeld administrative community, whose role goes far beyond administration. He is heavily involved in the coordination and monitoring of the planning and civil engineering measures. His area of responsibility includes checking and approving routes, obtaining traffic regulations and collecting data. He is the person who holds the implementation plans in his hands, takes photos on site and carefully draws in all the details.

Solution for reliable project management and documentation

Amidst the challenges of the fiber optic expansion project in Lechfeld, EineStadt is establishing itself as a helpful tool for the digital management and coordination of a wide range of tasks. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the app is the ideal platform for managing all the relevant data. Every detail of the process - from project planning to the actual execution of the civil engineering work - can be easily and efficiently recorded, documented and monitored in the construction site app. This saves a considerable amount of time, as time-consuming manual tasks such as recording data on paper and a confusing paper trail are finally a thing of the past.

However, the EineStadt solution goes one step further: it not only facilitates documentation, but also improves communication between the various parties involved. By providing an interface where all relevant information is available and exchangeable in real time, it enables transparent and coherent communication, which contributes significantly to the smooth handling of the project.

Christian Dobrindt nutzt die Anwendung auf dem Tablet

The positive experiences with the administration app are far-reaching, especially in the words of Mr. Dobrindt:

"EineStadt is revolutionizing the way we coordinate and document our projects. The app is intuitive to use and simplifies our work in many aspects.

It not only helps us to maintain an overview, but also to make the entire process more efficient."

Successful use of the app in fiber optic expansion

In practice, the app shows its strengths in various aspects of fiber optic expansion. It facilitates an overview of the telecommunications provider's cable laying plans, supports the efficient handling of approval processes and helps to monitor the progress of civil engineering work.

In concrete terms, this means that all information on cable laying and alternative routes, including photos and screenshots from the site plan, are stored together in EineStadt. Thanks to clear PDFs, the contractor can access all relevant information, including the traffic order from the road traffic authority, which is also stored via EineStadt. Any deviations from the plan are immediately documented digitally. Once the work has been completed, a note can be entered in the software to confirm that the construction work has been successfully completed.

A successful process that is already proving its worth: With EineStadt, the municipalities in Lechfeld have a tool at hand that efficiently and transparently coordinates the entire fiber optic expansion process.

Digital dynamics: improving processes and collaboration

The use of EineStadt has already had a significant positive impact on the fiber optic expansion of the Lechfeld communities. The application was easy to use right from the start - both in the office and in the field. The construction company on site was impressed by the efficiency with which damage reports and instructions for measures were exported from the app and submitted: a process they had never experienced before in this form.


The improved collaboration between the municipality, the telecommunications company and the construction company on site is a significant advantage guaranteed by the use of the app. With its ability to provide all relevant information in real time, the solution can greatly facilitate coordination between the various stakeholders. And that means better coordination, a more effective workflow and improved overall quality and speed of the fiber optic expansion.

Mr. Dobrindt, coordinator of the fiber optic expansion for the municipality, emphasizes the advantages of EineStadt for clarity: "If I imagine I had all the photos in my library in an unsorted order, it would be impossible to manage."

The positive experiences with the EineStadt app underline its ability to simplify workflows and optimize communication between the various stakeholders. The application has proven to be a crucial tool for increasing efficiency and promoting collaboration at the same time.

Its successful use in the fiber optic expansion in Lechfeld is another good example of how digitalization can change and improve working life.

Have we sparked your interest in the benefits of digital administration?


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